We develop world class voice apps for blogs and news sites that people actually enjoy talking to.

From Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home to Apple’s Siri, speech is becoming a normal way for people to control their devices, ask questions, stay entertained or buy products and services.

Voice assistants – not to be confused with chatbots, which you text instead of talk to – are becoming part of our everyday lives, at home, in the office and on the move. This creates an incredible new channel for audiences to discover and engage with your content.

At Vecgraph we work with you from design to deployment. We’ll identify ways to reach your target audience through these new conversational interfaces and create an awesome voice app for both Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

What can a voice app do for you?

A personal editor for every reader

Imagine if you could provide a personal editor for every one of your readers. An editor that can find more relevant stories and explain to the reader why they might be interested. A voice app could be capable of far more than simply understanding the readers search queries. It could act as an assistant in helping your audience discover your stories.

Truly personalized email newsletters

For most people personalized email newsletters mean adding the person’s name in the greeting. With brands and publishers competing for your audience’s attention, personalization and relevance is more critical than ever. With a voice app your newsletters can contain content relevant to the topic the reader was just exploring, and even explain why the user might be interested in each story!

A hands free experience to unlock new channels

A multimodal voice app allows your audience to explore your content by voice or chat, at home or on the go. It can be accessed on a huge number of Google Assistant and Alexa integrations including phones, speakers, and cars. It can act as a hands-free way for the for the user to explore your stories on a smart speaker. Or be used as a visual chat interface when used on a device with a screen.

Our Tech:

Vecgraph voice apps are powered by state of the art NLP. Our voice apps determine the the relationships between content using a combination of AI and machine learning techniques